Ginger Syrup for Winter Wellness

I had ALOT of ginger and decided to try and make a strong, intense chesty cough and cold remedy.

Ginger is supremely warming for the colder months and those chesty, croupy coughs that are hard to shift.

I used a simple recipe from epicurious.

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1/4 pound ginger

Ideally I would have preferred no sugar at all, just boiling the ginger for hours til it became a scalding tea. But I know my kids won’t stand for that!

My next option was raw honey as a sweetener, thanks to its many healing properties. Once heated though, honey loses a lot of its potency.

My last and final option was to use cane sugar. Unrefined cane sugar. I settled on muscovado because I had some in the pantry.

The smell that’s permeating the house right now… To die for ??


Ginger Syrup

An unrefined Cane Sugar where the molasses is left in.

Ginger Syrup

Matchstick slices of ginger. They are removed from the final product and can be turned into candied ginger in the oven

Ginger Syrup

Ginger Sugar and Water are left to simmer. The longer they simmer, the stronger the ginger hit

Ginger Syrup

The final product: Ginger Syrup

I also put the recovered ginger into the oven at a low temp til it hardened to make divine candied ginger NOMMMMM…..

allergy free wholefood candied ginger
Candied ginger

Next time I will boil the syrup for much longer than the recommended 30 miutes to get a more robust tasting syrup. Also, the syrup was fairly liquid and needed to be stored in the fridge.



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