My gut healing cleanse

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This time around, the gut healing cleanse seems to have really hit the spot. Mostly, I’ve cleansed using a raw food diet or juicing, to try and lower my HbA1c. This time I was keen to fix the elephant in my body. My obviously leaky gut. Yes I binged. But I also ate a very good diet a lot of the time. I still felt sluggish tired and malnourished.

Initially, when drawing up the gut healing protocol, my body seemed unwilling to juice. It craved warmth, nourishment, nurturing. So I started making soups. Not my ideal but still clean eating.

And I discovered that I LOVED THEM. Sounds weird? Almost 40 and never made soup before? When my husband attempted to make soups a few times in our marriage, I was quite keen. For some reason, probably I never loved my mom’s only soup recipe, I never tried to make soup. Like ever.

Anyway, my body for the first time since I started juicing (2-3 years now) was not ready for juice. So instead of stir-frying; the only other method I could think of was boiling up all my favourite vegetables in water and blending them. And I discovered heaven. Broccoli soup, I couldn’t get enough of cabbage!!, sweet potato, pumpkin, beetroot, you name, I souped it. Spiced them up with my favourite spices – I’d become addicted to fresh turmeric – ginger, pepper, Himalayan salt .

I stuck with soups and salads. Still sugar-free, dairy free, and grain free. I did my phase one with this diet.

After 3ish weeks, I felt ready to implement phase two, and ready to start juicing.

A few weeks ago, a friend had talked about water fasting. I was intrigued and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

After a few days of juicing and phase two supplements; I tried one day of water fasting. And then two. And then a few more.

It was the most intense cleanse of my life. Body AND mind!

I got pretty dark and angry on day two and had a bit of juice. About 200ml cabbage and blood orange diluted with 300ml water. And continued doing this throughout as I was still on my Janumet and my sugar readings were still good with such a small amount of juice in my system.

But things were shifting energetically for me. Maybe the supermoon had something to do with it? Besides weight loss; the fast gave me ENERGY. And I was never really hungry. With raw food, the smell of cooked food made me weak at the knees. With water fasting, I never felt that way at all. I didn’t feel the need to eat. So many of my life issues stemmed around food and energy. Taking food out of the equation… life became CLEAR. For the first time in a long time.

My motivation to continue: a blood test confirmed that my body was in ketosis (!!) I didn’t even know a vegan could go into ketosis til I did some research. And number two, I didn’t need insulin if I wasn’t eating anything. Number three, my urine was very yellow and very smelly (TMI??). Things were coming OUT of me! Lots of things. And I didn’t want to stop this intense deep clean that was obviously going on. I did eventually stop at day 5. And learnt that once your digestive system has completely shut down, it needs a bit of time to start up again LOL.


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