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Cashew Cheese

I use a very basic recipe to make this amazing, mouth-watering treat.

1 cup soaked cashews

1 lemon juiced and zested

1 tablespoon nutritional yeast

1/2 teaspoon salt ( I use Celtic or Himalayan for all those yummy minerals)

I blend all the ingredients together until a smooth paste forms. Then I add the zest and fold it through (sometimes I skip the zesting).

I freeze my chesse in small batches. I find that I can’t go through too much anyway at one go, it’s pretty heavy.

I use this cheese as a salad dressing, on my raw seed crackers, or just with crudités as a snack.

I credit my discovery of nutritional yeast for single handedly curing me of my dairy addiction! Giving up the huge quantities of cheese that I ate before was always going to be a challenge. But the familiar flavour of the yeast, led me to experiment and discover that I could substitute yeast for cheese in some recipes and not lose the flavour!

For example, to make a cheesy pasta sauce:

1 cup soy Or other non dairy milk

1 tablespoon nutritional yeast

salt to taste

BOOM simmer on a stove, add your favourite vegetables (mine are mushrooms/spinach). Add your pasta and you’re done. ❤️

If you’re not a pasta fan (I’m not), I toast a piece of gluten free bread and add my cheesy mushrooms on top, and sprinkle with herbs like parsley, coriander, thyme.








My gut healing cleanse

This time around, the gut healing cleanse seems to have really hit the spot. Mostly, I’ve cleansed using a raw food diet or juicing, to try and lower my HbA1c. This time I was keen to fix the elephant in my body. My obviously leaky gut. Yes I binged. But I also ate a very good diet a lot of the time. I still felt sluggish tired and malnourished.

Initially, when drawing up the gut healing protocol, my body seemed unwilling to juice. It craved warmth, nourishment, nurturing. So I started making soups. Not my ideal but still clean eating.

And I discovered that I LOVED THEM. Sounds weird? Almost 40 and never made soup before? When my husband attempted to make soups a few times in our marriage, I was quite keen. For some reason, probably I never loved my mom’s only soup recipe, I never tried to make soup. Like ever.

Anyway, my body for the first time since I started juicing (2-3 years now) was not ready for juice. So instead of stir-frying; the only other method I could think of was boiling up all my favourite vegetables in water and blending them. And I discovered heaven. Broccoli soup, I couldn’t get enough of cabbage!!, sweet potato, pumpkin, beetroot, you name, I souped it. Spiced them up with my favourite spices – I’d become addicted to fresh turmeric – ginger, pepper, Himalayan salt .

I stuck with soups and salads. Still sugar-free, dairy free, and grain free. I did my phase one with this diet.

After 3ish weeks, I felt ready to implement phase two, and ready to start juicing.

A few weeks ago, a friend had talked about water fasting. I was intrigued and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

After a few days of juicing and phase two supplements; I tried one day of water fasting. And then two. And then a few more.

It was the most intense cleanse of my life. Body AND mind!

I got pretty dark and angry on day two and had a bit of juice. About 200ml cabbage and blood orange diluted with 300ml water. And continued doing this throughout as I was still on my Janumet and my sugar readings were still good with such a small amount of juice in my system.

But things were shifting energetically for me. Maybe the supermoon had something to do with it? Besides weight loss; the fast gave me ENERGY. And I was never really hungry. With raw food, the smell of cooked food made me weak at the knees. With water fasting, I never felt that way at all. I didn’t feel the need to eat. So many of my life issues stemmed around food and energy. Taking food out of the equation… life became CLEAR. For the first time in a long time.

My motivation to continue: a blood test confirmed that my body was in ketosis (!!) I didn’t even know a vegan could go into ketosis til I did some research. And number two, I didn’t need insulin if I wasn’t eating anything. Number three, my urine was very yellow and very smelly (TMI??). Things were coming OUT of me! Lots of things. And I didn’t want to stop this intense deep clean that was obviously going on. I did eventually stop at day 5. And learnt that once your digestive system has completely shut down, it needs a bit of time to start up again LOL.


Leaky Gut Treatment Protocol Phase Two (Seed)

In this next phase, the focus is on planting the ‘seeds’. Killing the bad guys leaves room to add some of the useful bacteria we need in our system.

Using a combination of foods and supplements again is the best way to achieve this. We not only want to add the good guys into our diet, we also want to provide food and a good environment for them to grow.

Cultured vegetables and various fibres like Slippery Elm and psyllium are a great place to start. Instead of juicing, this phase is great for blending green smoothies! The good bacteria thrive on the fibre we are now providing. Again, focussing on vegetables is key and limiting fruit and sugar means that the leftover bad guys are not being fed and allowed to grow and reproduce again. I do not mean that you are never allowed to eat anything sweet again, once the good bacteria have regained their footing and your gut health is optimal, your body is able to cope with a larger variety of foods.

The Method

This is an example of my ideal food diary. I try and hit as many of these items in the course of a day of raw foods.



  • Chia in water OR
  • Blended baby spinach in water (or coconut water)


  • apple, some kind of fruit/veg OR
  • carrot sticks, plain or with cashew cheese OR
  • celery stalk sticks, with nut butter if I’m really hungry
  • raw crackers and cashew cheese


  • Salad with dressing (balsamic, or ACV, or cashew cheese)
  •  Veg soup (celery leaf, cabbage, bok choy, ginger, turmeric, garlic, stock)


  • as above


  • Salad
  • Soup
  • Raw crackers and cashew cheese

Snack – if I’ve missed a meal or am feeling like a binge. Nights are hardest for me when going raw. Having lots of food on hand helps.

  • Raw cracker
  • Cut up veg crudités

if I feel a strong urge to cheat…

  • Salted pistachios
  • Smoked almonds