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The Method

This is an example of my ideal food diary. I try and hit as many of these items in the course of a day of raw foods.



  • Chia in water OR
  • Blended baby spinach in water (or coconut water)


  • apple, some kind of fruit/veg OR
  • carrot sticks, plain or with cashew cheese OR
  • celery stalk sticks, with nut butter if I’m really hungry
  • raw crackers and cashew cheese


  • Salad with dressing (balsamic, or ACV, or cashew cheese)
  •  Veg soup (celery leaf, cabbage, bok choy, ginger, turmeric, garlic, stock)


  • as above


  • Salad
  • Soup
  • Raw crackers and cashew cheese

Snack – if I’ve missed a meal or am feeling like a binge. Nights are hardest for me when going raw. Having lots of food on hand helps.

  • Raw cracker
  • Cut up veg crudités

if I feel a strong urge to cheat…

  • Salted pistachios
  • Smoked almonds