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Leaky Gut Treatment Protocol Phase Two (Seed)

In this next phase, the focus is on planting the ‘seeds’. Killing the bad guys leaves room to add some of the useful bacteria we need in our system.

Using a combination of foods and supplements again is the best way to achieve this. We not only want to add the good guys into our diet, we also want to provide food and a good environment for them to grow.

Cultured vegetables and various fibres like Slippery Elm and psyllium are a great place to start. Instead of juicing, this phase is great for blending green smoothies! The good bacteria thrive on the fibre we are now providing. Again, focussing on vegetables is key and limiting fruit and sugar means that the leftover bad guys are not being fed and allowed to grow and reproduce again. I do not mean that you are never allowed to eat anything sweet again, once the good bacteria have regained their footing and your gut health is optimal, your body is able to cope with a larger variety of foods.

Healing the gut

So, I’m finally shaking myself out of denial.
I’ve always known that I have a Leaky gut issue. And I’ve made some lame attempts at using supplements that will help fix the gut lining.

It’s been so many years now and my gut’s getting worse.
I am beginning to feel very malnourished for all the food I consume. I always complained that I do so many things right, why doesn’t my body register that and respond with some healing and positive change. Well… If not much of what I’m putting in my mouth is getting through, that would kind of explain it!

A Leaky Gut happens when the gut lining is so damaged that instead of letting through properly digested nutrients for the body to use, it lets through larger bits of food that just act as harmful intruders.

This causes a lot of stress and an inflammatory reaction. Sometimes these larger molecules even get to the brain creating a ‘fogginess’. It causes quite a stress on the body constantly fighting off this low grade, never-ending, barrage of not-properly-presented food molecules. It doesn’t know how to deal with it. That’s the gut’s job, and no one else knows what to do!


I am running out of meds (Janumet, insulin) so I needed to get a blood test done before returning to see my GP.

As a last ditch effort, I took a friend’s advice and googled for GPs in Melbourne who were nutritionists and shared my eating principles. My current GP is rather traditional and the first one I’ve managed to stick with consistently.

The visit with the new GP was not like all the docos I’ve seen. He did not immediately take charge of my case and try to revolutionise my life ?.

I was disappointed. His website is great and I got a lot of good info off it.

In the mean time, the thought of getting harangued by my regular GP was just too stressful, so… I went raw to dupe the results.

This is the first time I’ve gone raw on meds, and constantly monitored my results. It’s also the first time in years that I’ve seen a 5 in the blood sugar results pane.

It was comforting.

I drastically reduced my insulin intake, did a bit of research and attempted a split double dose of my long acting insulin (levemir) which has worked amazingly well. A week into the detox, I cut out the morning dose of insulin.

i juiced raw Indian bitter melon/gourd (Karela) and drank a tablespoon or so at a time. My sugar dropped by one point in half an hour ?. It was akin to taking insulin. Of course it tastes horrendous. But worth it I think!