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Leaky Gut Treatment Protocol Phase Two (Seed)

In this next phase, the focus is on planting the ‘seeds’. Killing the bad guys leaves room to add some of the useful bacteria we need in our system.

Using a combination of foods and supplements again is the best way to achieve this. We not only want to add the good guys into our diet, we also want to provide food and a good environment for them to grow.

Cultured vegetables and various fibres like Slippery Elm and psyllium are a great place to start. Instead of juicing, this phase is great for blending green smoothies! The good bacteria thrive on the fibre we are now providing. Again, focussing on vegetables is key and limiting fruit and sugar means that the leftover bad guys are not being fed and allowed to grow and reproduce again. I do not mean that you are never allowed to eat anything sweet again, once the good bacteria have regained their footing and your gut health is optimal, your body is able to cope with a larger variety of foods.

Veggies and cauliflower rice two ways

Stir fried veggies with cauli rice

This was the kids’ dinner so I kept it simple and used non vegan sauces :
Bok choy

I added oyster sauce, fish sauce and tamari. And then I got overzealous and put some dashi miso in ?. Not a good idea! Luckily the kids were too hungry or the lemon wedge helped to even out the flavour cos they gobbled it up!

Grated more cauliflower in at the end and added some more bok choy.

Veggie stir fry with Cauli rice kids
Veggie stir fry with Cauli rice kids

I felt like something spicier than the kids’ bland stir fry
So I fried up my favourite green curry paste and added the same veggies:
Shiitake mushrooms
Bok choy
And grated cauliflower to represent my favourite rice

I cooked it for a little bit then added some coconut milk powder.
Allowed that to dissolve.
Finished the dish with another quarter cauliflower grated while the pot was off the stove.
Garnished with lemon wedge that lifted the flavour profile to AWESOME.
The veggies were barely cooked and still super crunchy.

I come from an Indian background and we cook our vegetables til they’re dead 🙂
I’m only just learning how not to do this anymore?

Thai green curry with Cauli rice
Thai green curry with Cauli rice

Day One

For the 165th time (or so it feels)
Based on the documentary Simply Raw: reversing diabetes in 30 days; I have attempted a raw food diet many many times in the last 12 months.
I am using a very empirical, close-your-eyes-and-jump-right-in, trial and error method rather than researching the raw diet thoroughly. Hence my many false starts.
Day one is always easy…. This time my focus is 100%.
Through each mis- trial I’ve discovered new ammunition to help me stay the course.
Doing this diet in winter is probably not the smartest idea.
I have honed my focus and determination to a pure unyielding laserbeam. My dads 60th in 11 days is a great motivator. I’m hoping once I reach day 11 something else exciting will help me extend the diet…wish me luck!!
Raw crackers, cashew cheese and raw pecan pie to finish 🙂
Dog tired.